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It’s the perfect ‘glitter’ novel!
— James Wilkinson
Bloody great Sci-Fi romp with glitter, high heels and all things fabulous! Buy it.
— Jacqui Thackway
Lucy-Fur Quimm is the best baddie I have ever read!
— Jeff Allan
It’s fun, frivolous and hilarious in places, especially the fashion faux pas!
— Bridget Walker
It’s like you’re reading in Technicolor and has a vividness and brilliance of characters that jump off the page.
— Pamela Morrell
Just had to say I’m loving the book.

I want to date Global Baby!
— Svend Pedersen
Wow that was a mind-bending colourful trip around the universe!

I now just need to get my hands on one of those Golden Tickets.
— Dare Cullen-Jones
Keep writing the next book, your readers want more!
— Stephen Rodwell
I can’t read anymore because I’ve got laughter tears in my eyes.

We’ve just taken off. This is good writing!
— Markus Stimson
This book will make an amazing film!
— Sue Sian
This book is the next level, its like Barbarella meets Alejandro Jodorowsky
— Alex
A crazy romp, bonkers but original. Every chapter is fab!
— Steve McNeil
Best read of the year!
— Delyth Thomas
It’s dazzlingly good! The imagination is a riot. Love it!
— Jeff Allan
It’s sooooo bloody hilarious! I’m having so much fun reading it.
— Yasmin Mohammed