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The most exclusive hotel in the galaxy - a palatial edifice floating above the clouds - a playground for the most creative minds in the universe.

The People from the End of Time built the Ozone Hotel and put it in a time loop above the Earth’s atmosphere. They got bored after a while and moved onto other things, leaving a legacy behind that became populated by people who had Golden Tickets. No one knows the exact number of tickets distributed by the People from the End of Time, but some say 3,500 -4,000. They were only given to people who had creative vision and could bring an artistic flavour to the hotel. The builders of the hotel wanted to be entertained, so they would seek out artists, entertainers, performers, writers from all over the universe to attend their fabulous parties. The hotel today is a salon of creative minds; guests value the space it provides for conversation beyond the constraints of the societies back in their own respective timeframes. It’s a place of freedom and play where one can enjoy a season taking the air and enjoying delightful company.

The Ozone Hotel is a place where creativity is born, ideas come from conversations, and once those ideas have been formed they are then taken back into the galaxy to flourish on the guests’ home planets. The Ozone Hotel is a metaphor for everyone’s imaginations. As children we have the ability to dream and play that is often forgotten as we get older. The Ozone Hotel is therefore a place of hopes, dreams and adventures. The Golden Tickets are the vehicle to access this world, and they allow guests to realise their dreams in much the same way as a lottery ticket would for the winner.

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