The Vandeyla Twins


The twins come from the time frame of 2017 and are addicted to their social media worlds of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They are great fun to be with and always wanting to document life. They both hold a degree in media studies, but they think it’s totally pointless now being saddled with lots of student debt. They are the Bright Young Things of their age, Millenials who are media hot, fashion conscious and always on trend.

They come from London, love the city but can't afford to live there anymore because of sky-high rents, so spend most of the time sofa-surfing when on Earth or relaxing and enjoying the delights of the Ozone Hotel.

They both received their Golden Tickets when they entered a competition on social media for a ‘Trip to Fabulous'. The tickets had been put there by Jack Fox, a socialite from the future who wanted to pass on his family tickets to a deserving cause. He felt that instead of giving them to other family members who didn’t deserve them, he would create a competition and see who might be worthy. Jake and Paris sparked Jack’s interest and became the winners of two tickets that changed their lives forever.