Zenobia received her Golden Ticket from her mother, the Quellan Queen, who was the previous Head of the Cult of Transfixion. Whilst Zenobia’s mother is not yet deceased, and lives a retired life on a remote planet, little is known about her except that she still holds the crown.

Zenobia is the High Priestess of the Cult of Transfixion and sister to Zinovia Zanzibar. She is a voodoo priestess, the cult notfrom any one place, but a sisterhood dispersed through the galaxy. They gather once a year on the forest planet of Lah-Geen, a place known for its peace and paradise. There is a temple there in the forests of Fesh which it is said the ancestors built, and here the cult gather to honour the ancestor spirits that have gone before. Their mission is to protect and bring peace and healing to all who suffer.

There are five other clans of this cult that have become independent in their own right. Some are not exclusively good and there is often conflict between the clans, especially the ones that have allow ed men into the sisterhood.

1. The Golden Seal

A sisterhood of sorcerers who are often seen at royal courts and gatherings through the Empire. They can read thoughts and draw their power form the WATER element.

2. The Diamond Ring of Aldraxas

A mixed clan, these are potent sorcerers who draw their power from the FIRE element. They are often seen at royal courts through the galaxy as advisors and sorceress of the governing houses.

3. The Netherings

The Netherings are beings that live between the state of life and death. They are made up of both sexes and have powerful rituals that dissolve their bodies into a more insubstantial state. They can move through solid objects and have the power to appear and disappear at will. Their element of power is AIR.

4. The Black Sisterhood

A clan of priestesses who worship the EARTH element, they are peaceful and often healers for the sick and midwives for bringing life safely into the world.

5. Transfixion

The cult of Transfixion is the original mother clan.