Violet No


A rather vacuous television producer from the 1990s, she is a bitter woman addicted to power. She worked in the media before being transported into the future, where she found a world that was much more exciting than the one she had left. 

Violet is brash, talks with a strong accent and thinks she’s very sexually attractive to men. She wears inappropriate clothes that she squeezes herself into and has a red bouffant hair-do that’s kept in place with large amounts of hairspray. She wears heavy make-up and has a sharp mind for getting what she wants.

Having found a soul mate in Lucy-Fur Quimm, Violet has inspired him from her own conve rsations with a love of television reality shows. He finds this fascinating and after researching the past from the World Media Matrix, was able to find a means of expression that celebrated his black and twisted soul.

Violet inspired Lucy-Fur to be the greatest celebrity the galaxy has ever seen and as he came to power, created a show to be beamed out to the universe. The prize? None other than a Golden Ticket allowing Lucy-Fur access to the Ozone Hotel.