Miss Chloë Passion


She is from the1920s but really grew up in another era – The Victorian and Edwardian epochs. She was, in her ‘hey day’, at the turn of the century and one of the leading people of the Fin de Siècle in Paris and member of The Golden Dawn in London.

Aristocratic and very posh, Chloë’s father was Lord Valentine Passion, married to the Countess Frieda Wow von Picklington. Her sister is Cordelia Passion, a sculptress who lives at Islay House in Scotland.

Chloë never married, and received her Golden Ticket in 1897 when she was in her early thirties from a lover she was having a torrid affair while wintering at the Winter Palace in Luxor, Egypt. Although she believed him to be an aristocrat on a grand tour, he turned out to be from another  planet. He was the person who introduced Chloë to the Ozone Hotel and since then she’s never looked back.

Chloë’s home is Riddleston Manor in Hazelmere, Sussex, where she has lived all her life, although its not the family home (that’s a large estate in Herefordshire called ‘Rooters’). Her brother Phabian Passion lives there too with his wife and six children. Chloe inherited the manor from her mother’s side of the family, which is why it’s hung with family portraits of her uncles.

Chloë is interested in all things exotic, esoteric and artistic and is a good friend of the occultist Aleister Crowley, her closest friend was Gertrude, Mr Brown’s great-aunt.