The Dark Lords of Dagger Bane


They have been imprisoned upon their planet since the end of the Glitter Wars, a misty, damp and gloomy planet with vast seas and rocky outcrops. Evil master sorcerers, they want to dominate the universe with their rule, but as yet they haven’t been able to find the ultimate weapon, the AGLIA, (SPLENDOUR), which will help them realise their plans.

The AGLIA is a luminous jewel from the planet Yorgos, home of the Yvarny. It holds imprisoned within it THE KATHOROS, a being of utter darkness. When the jewel’s home was discovered it was sent away to Earth and placed in the keeping of Mr Brown’s aunt in the Lake District. Given to her by Great-aunt Gertrude, the AGLIA has been kept in the drawing room of Wood Close Manor in Grasmere as an objet d’art. This was thought to be the safest place.

The Dark Lords hatched a plan to capture a Chronaphage, since they are the only creatures powerful enough to create the sort of time flux the Dark Lords need ed to rip open time. Little did they know how successful their plans would be, but although the Ozone Hotel wasn’t destroyed, it did end up falling through the mouth of a Chronaphage which released the Dark Lords from their imprisonment and sent them back into the universe to continue their search.

They have since contacted the Abraxion Witches from another alternative universe and now aim to retrieve the AGLIA, release the KATHAROS and bring the Abraxion Witches through to this current universe. With their strength combined they will be able to spread a cloud of darkness so black that no creative thought, laughter or joy will ever exist in the universe again. Darkness will fall and an enlightened age will come to an end.