The Concierge


The Concierge is the robot from the behind the check-in desk at the Ozone Hotel, and he has been there since the hotel was built. His main functions are to check-in the guest who regularly arrive and to look after the hotel. 

The Concierge resembles a Victorian robot and although is anatomically correct, has wheels on his feet that allow him to freely move around. He has never left the hotel; his programming is to keep the hotel running smoothly. The Concierge is the fount all knowledge and has been at the hotel for so many years he has forgotten the exact time. The hotel is in its later years now, its hey days being when it was first built by the People at the End of Time, and the Concierge remembers fondly those days when everyone who was anyone came from all parts of the universe.

Mr Brown becomes the Concierge’s first friend and the robot enjoys the adventure they have together in the future so much that he decides he wants more.