The Denizens from the Beginning of Time


The Denizens at the Beginning of Time are fabulous creatures of wit, fashion, style and all things frivolous. They understand the grand workings of the universe and being in possession of such wisdom they see the illusion of the temporal changing nature of life. For them, life is all about joy and play. But unlike the decadent people from the End of Time who have become jaded and bored, theband of warriors from the Beginning of Time are young and fresh, full of ideas, hope and play. They are like children who only want to explore life free from the trappings of all things mundane and serious. 

Although they did not build the Ozone Hotel and have never been there, they did build through the universes technologies that are vital to the safety of all universes. They k eep enlightenment alive and one such technology exists on Mars that has been used by the Cybernauts for power production of the solar system.

The Pyramids they built are places of divine power that hold within them the technology that allows the universe to end and begin again. This is know as the Big Bang, and for the People at the Beginning of Time this means a great party. The Pyramid on Mars has been activated and they are now on the way to it with the intention of detonating another Big Bang so that the cycle can start again. They can’t wait, as for them it’s going to be fabulous! They are wearing their best outfits and in such a frivolous mood!