Mr Brown

  • Mother – Died 1923 in a boating accident on Lake Windermere, Cumbria.
  • Farther – died 1923 in a boating accident on Lake Windermere, Cumbria.
  • Brother – Charlie George Brown, killed whilst fighting in the First World War. A fighter pilot.
  • Great Aunt – Gertrude Caswell of Waverley Hall,  died June 1st 1929 and left Mr Brown her Golden Ticket. Thus his adventures begin.

Mr Brown had a good grammar school education then went on to follow his father as a clerk in banking, a job he finds boring and repetitive. He is creative and expresses this with a little painting. He lives on Devonshire Avenue in London and the year is 1929. He comes from a lower middle class family who, whilst they have connections to wealthy relatives, have no money of their own. His father was in banking, and his mother a housewife who enjoyed reading and making her own clothes. They spent family holidays in the Lake District with his mother, sister, and aunt, who lives at Wood Close Manor in Grasmere. Mr Brown spent many summers whilst a child at his great-aunt Gertrude’s house, Waverly Hall in Wiltshire. There he flourished among the bohemians of the day.