Global Baby


She changed her name to Global Baby after visiting Andy Warhol’s The Silver Factory in 1963. She was one of the Super Stars!

Her mother is Lady Elena Farrow-Box and her father, the Viscount Harold Farrow-Box. The family seat is Box Castle in the highlands of Scotland.

Global Baby received her Golden Ticket from a fellow superstar at The Silver Factory called Betsy Toff, who was originally going to give it to Candy Darling, but in the end thought Global Baby had more potential for the hotel so gave it to her instead before she died. Global Baby’s first visit to the Ozone Hotel was in the early 1960s and since then she’s become a feature of the both the summer and winter seasons.

Global Baby has a small mews flat in London, Chelsea, and if her life hadn’t been caught up in the many affairs of the hotel she would have pursued a career as a photographer.

She discovered magic cigarettes at The Silver Factory in New York, but never liked what she calls ‘the hard stuff,’ preferring her own organic herbal blends and enjoying her life in a haze of heady fun. Everyone enjoys being with Global Baby, although she’s a little in a haze all the time, she’s very philosophical. Global Baby has spent time in the future and because of her inquisitive nature has learnt how to operate spacecrafts, shoot blasters and fight in the wars in which she has found herself involved. She’s not someone who shies away from the adventure of life. When she meets Mr Brown she falls in love with him, finding this unusual, as he’s not someone she would normally go for.