Lucy–Fur Quimm


Created from the gene banks of the World Media Matrix by agents working for the Dark Lords of Dagger Bane, Lucy-Fur Quimm is a megalomaniac tyrant only interested in his own promotion, power and self-gratification. The first attempt to create such a creature was unsuccessful because the Dark Lords failed to add into the mix suitable elements of evil and frivolity. But Lucy-Fur Quimm the Second was perfection. combining genes from a media mogul of the past and Marie Antoinette. When spliced together, they created a creature of sublime evil, power and style!

Lucy-Fur Quimm came to power on the back of the Solmonite government, who were thought to be weak and of no significant threat to the Emperor. But with the sudden explosion of the Glitter Wars wreaking havoc upon the planet, the Solmonite’s militarised government seized the opportunity to rise to power, incarcerating the Emperor’s armies and putting the court under martial arrest. The Cybernauts of Mars tried to intervene but their ships were incapacitated, and what with the deadly Jennar Ray pointing directly at them, they were forced to retreat back to the shadows, unable to help.

It was Lucy-Fur Quimm who built the Jennar Ray, a weapon of great power and now uses it to hold all known planets in the Empire under his control. With his immense ego and need for galactic domination, Lucy-Fur’s greatest wish is to secure a Golden Ticket that will allow him access to the Ozone Hotel. But if this happens, then it will release a Chronaphage that is believed to be caught in a time loop in the basement of the hotel.