Celeste Skyworld


A trained space pilot, Celeste knows how to use a blaster and has been involved in many uprisings that have occurred over the years. She is fabulously stylish, always wears the most inappropriate gowns for battle, but feels that if she’s going to die then she might as well look amazing!

Good friends with Mr Glass and having had many adventures with Chloë Passion, Celeste has been a Golden Ticket holder for many years.

She fought in the Glitter Wars, which were the first uprisings before Lucy-Fur Quimm took over the Empire with the Solmonite government, fought the Dark Lords of Dagger Bane in the Glamour Wars and was part of the mission to incarcerate them on their home planet.

Celeste received her Golden Ticket from a great love she met while on a peace mission to a distant planet with which the Empire wanted to make an alliance. A woman known as Randal Teal, she and Celeste spent many years together on the same fleet of space cruisers. Randal Teal was a Golden Ticket holder and upon her death on the icy planet of Vectrix 3 where they were fighting the The Seventh Seal, she entrusted the precious ticket to Celeste.

The Wurlitzer

Celeste Skyworld is the owner of the incredible spaceship, the Wurlitzer, a craft that has the ability to morph into different shapes depending on the needs of its environment by means of a device that was installed by Faux Blix. The Wurlitzer gains its name from the electronic pipe organ from the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, and with a few modifications, a button in the spacecraft’s cockpit activates the Dream Beam. With an on-board, talking computer named Daphne, the Wurlitzer is no ordinary spacecraft.

The Venus 2000

Celeste’s second ship, the Venus 2000, is fitted with an even more powerful device – THE PANDEMONIUM BUTTON! When pressed, all hell breaks loose!