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‘This madman will destroy us all!’ shouted Global Baby.

A wail came from the guttural bowels of the universe, followed by a silence that was dark and ephemeral as the grave. The galaxy and all its inhabitants felt the mighty pressure of time press heavily upon them.

‘It’s the end of the world,’ screamed Pink in Feathers.

‘Not yet,’ said one of the twins. ‘We need to get this stuff up on YouTube!’

Mr Brown looked up at the churning sky, fear coursing through his body. But just as suddenly as the storm had come, it seemed to pass, and the clouds began to part. The sun rose, creating a bright and beautiful day. There above them, shimmering motionless in the dawn sky, was the great and glorious Ozone Hotel.
— The Ozone Hotel
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Book Synopsis

An exclusive members’ club beyond even the constraints of time, the Ozone Hotel is the ultimate salon – a palatial edifice floating above the clouds, a playground for the most creative minds in the universe. When Mr Brown, a humble bank clerk from 1929, unexpectedly receives a Golden Ticket and boards a jet, he embarks on an adventure that will change his life forever.

Joining forces with the formidable Chloë Passion and time travellers Global Baby, Pink in Feathers and Celeste Skyworld, will Mr Brown be able to save the hotel from the clutches of megalomaniac gender-blender Lucy-Fur Quimm? Will he ever see his little house on Devonshire Avenue again? And will Chloë nd her muff?

All will be revealed as you take your seat and buckle up on Ozone Airways. We hope you enjoy your flight. 

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“Checking into the Ozone Hotel has blown my mind, my imagination and all kinds of other parts of me too. An instant camp classic, but something more than that, R. K. Williams plays with science-fiction conventions, gender, character and big ideas with wild, colourful and lovable virtuosity. A ‘Barbarella’ and ‘Myra Breckinridge’ for the YouTube generation, ‘The Ozone Hotel’ gets five stars on AcidTripAdvisor. R. K. Williams is a name to watch out for.”