Tea on the Terraces!


What a beautiful day at the hotel. I was just having afternoon tea on the upper terraces with Chloë Passion, who was telling me about the adventure she’s just had with Mr Brown in Atlantis. Apparently it’s a rather nice place despite the fact that it sank in a tidal wave created by a whale that had inadvertently swam thorough the time invalidator and came out the other side fifty times bigger than its actual size. One splash of its tail in the ocean near the fabled city was enough to obliterate the entire civilization, but thankfully Chloë managed to get away in the nick of time with Global Baby and Mr Brown and saved themselves from another close scrape with death.

Chloë was saying that she’s looking forward to a few weeks’ rest at the hotel as the past few months have been so busy, what with drag queens, glitter invasions and the near destruction of the hotel. If it hadn’t been for them travelling into the future to sort the mess out, then I wouldn’t be sitting here typing these words now!