I do like Celeste Skyworld!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 14.10.55.png

She’s of those women who despite being fabulously glamorous is also highly practical when it comes to sorting out fluxing time waves that can often hit the hotel. Usually it’s quite stable here above the clouds, but sometimes when time is being played around with it can send things all of a quiver. Miss Glitzy Muff was telling me the other day that she had gone into her room and found a giant blue octopus in her bath from planet Mow. Apparently it was telling her that things are not what they used to be since the ocean turned into a savoury soup. That must have been when the Voivoids exploded the Ever-Improbable Infinity Bomb, I told her. She agreed that it sounded like a terrible situation, but before the octopus could continue with its woeful tale it disappeared in a flash of light, probably back to the rather tasty, culinary sea.