The Twins!

The Vandeyla Twins 3.jpg

Oh I do love the twins. They are a rare bred of boys who are totally obsessed with documenting everything on their smartphones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a selfie with them. They were telling me today that RuPual has asked them to be judges on his show, Drag Race. I told them how happy for them I was, and they were ecstatic; apparently it’s the only thing worth going back to the year 2017 for. I had to agree. Although I come from their time frame I’m much older so therefore not caught in the millennial trap so many of the young people find themselves in these days. But I digress - one comes to the Ozone Hotel to get away from politics, and here above the clouds it’s all about ideas, creativity and fashion. Apparently there’s a catwalk show this afternoon in the garden room. Alex Von Hooffen is showing off his new galactic range of heels. This time he’s created a shoe that is a living entity: you put it on and it reads your mind, and in seconds it changes to the perfect colour that matches your mood and dresses you in an outfit to match. He’s only created twenty pairs so you can imagine the excitement!